San Marino Corned Tuna, which revolutionized healthy and delicious meals, advocates for healthy lifestyle and more family bonding among millennial families.

Food manufacturing firm Foodsphere, Inc. introduced the product in the market in September 2009 based on a thorough understanding of the needs of Filipino consumers, achieve through stringent research, consumers insights gathering and analytical R&D works.
The product is described by consumers as a reasonable priced canned tuna because of its healthy and delicious taste that one can get within arm’s reach.

Brenda V. Miranda, Vice President for Marketing of Foodsphere, Inc., says more and more millennial moms now put great importance to their family’s health and wellness. “A healthy diet is part of their habit- a lifestyle for them, she says.
Miranda says eating healthy is important among millennial moms because they want to live longer to take care of their family and spend more time with them.

Millennial moms influence their family to take on the habit of eating healthy because they want what is the best for them, says Miranda.
San Marino Corned Tuna has the delicious taste of corned beef combined with health benefits of tuna. It has less oil, contains lots of tuna and is rich in Omega 3 which is important for the heart.

Miranda says any San Marino Corned Tuna meal is easy to prepare as it goes well with rice, bread, pasta and vegetables.
The innovativeness of the product has gained consumer acceptance in a short period despite the presence of aggressive competitors.
The brand became a market leader after several months, and is the number one corned tuna product in the Philippines in terms of sales, according to a study conducted by research company Nielsen in 2017.