Insure your Heart With Danes Sweet & Creamy

Valentine’s Day 2021 sure felt a little different this year. Some had to spend time with their dates online, while others got none at all because—well, it’s #BreakupSeason again.

Good thing we got your hearts covered!

Danes Sweet & Creamy recently launched the first and only Valentine’s Breakup Insurance in the world last February 11. Over 500 hearts, including master hokage Bont Bryan Oropel, songstress Zendee, and happily single Jam Manalo were protected from heartbreak with sweetness like no other.

Some of the claimants received their delicious benefits package: a box of cookies, a jar of chocolates, packs of Danes Sweet and Creamy plus a chance to have a virtual date with a Danes-certified hottie (that’s way hotter than your ex)! Isn’t that great?

Indeed, nothing sweetens life better like Danes Sweet & Creamy.

Protected from bland flavors

There’s nothing more painful than eating something with barely any flavor. That’s why if you’re looking for a palatable type of cheese without the sharp tang, this one’s for you.

Danes Sweet & Creamy is so tastefully good you can eat it on its own or in addition to other desserts. This variant also contains just the right amount of natural cheddar cheese; seamlessly contrasting the silky sweetness with your favorite Filipino merienda staples, like maja blanca or pichi-pichi. It’s that perfect balance of flavors that doesn’t come too strong on the senses or leave you with that umay feel.

Insured from buying regrets

Whether you’re a practical millennial shopper or a yuppie looking for new variants to try, you’ll want to make every peso count. It’s hard to step away from the usual brands… but a new classic like Danes Sweet & Creamy can make it all the more worth it.

This cheese variant contains just the right blend of creaminess and sweetness for you and your tastebuds. It’s perfectly mellow that it makes a great partner for hot pandesal, waffles, and even your favorite dessert!

Secured with milky goodness

Ube-Cheese con Yelo with Danes Cheese Sweet & Creamy
Ube-Cheese con Yelo with Danes Cheese Sweet & Creamy

Traditionally creamy treats like ube-cheese con yelo, halo-halo, and leche flan also show how Filipinos are big fans of deliciously sweet desserts. That’s why Danes’ version of a sweet & creamy cheese makes a great alternative: it’s almost familiar but still new at the same time.
Now, give your heart a break and add sweetness back into your life with Danes Sweet & Creamy. Go ahead and share it with friends or family for a nice merienda treat, or have a few bites after work as a self-love reward.

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