CDO Foodsphere, Inc., one of country’s leading food companies, expressed its commitment in ensuring the public on the continuous supply of food during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).  The Company is operating its production facility 24/7, despite some challenges brought about by the quarantine.

“We initially experienced a drop in headcount  because of difficulties encountered in checkpoints,” explained Jerome D. Ong, “but with the help of the Department of Trade and Industry, and local government units, these issues have been addressed. Now, our team has regained momentum and our production capacity has steadily increased.”

In CDO Foodsphere’s efforts to help its employees, the company has provided shuttle services for those who wish to go home to their families. These shuttle services are available in areas where employees reside, and bring them to and from work daily. The shuttles follow the prescribed number of passengers by the Department of Transportation in compliance with social distancing measures. At the same time, all employees are provided with masks and daily doses of vitamins to help boost their immune systems. CDO Foodsphere’s facilities undergo cleaning and disinfection frequently to prevent the spread of any disease.

For employees who live far from the factories, CDO Foodsphere has provided temporary accommodation within the facilites and nearby dormitories.

“We are continuously doing what we can to protect our employees during this time, especially those who have committed to come to work everyday so that we can continue to produce food for consumers,” added Mr. Ong, “They are our very own heroes in this fight against COVID-19.”

CDO Foodsphere, Inc. is one of the food companies who are answering the call of the national government and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to ensure that food supply for Filipinos will continue during the enhanced community quarantine. The company has approximately 5,000 people in its workforce and has facilities in Valenzuela and Batangas.

On top of its commitment to ensure adequate food supply, CDO is working closely with the national government, local government units, NGOs and civic organizations in providing not just immediate assistance but renewed hope to our most affected countrymen during these challenging times.

“We are a Filipino company and in our 45-year history, we have witnessed firsthand how Filipinos triumph over challenges by simply working together. We strongly believe that our people will make it through this ordeal, and it is our responsibility to be able to help in whatever way we can, “said Jerome D. Ong.