To our CDO colleagues and valued customers:

We at CDO are here to reassure you of the safety and quality of all our products always.

You can be assured that our products are safe because our meats, whether canned or frozen, are all sourced and inspected responsibly, and are imported from countries that are free from the African Swine Flu (ASF) epidemic. All local meats that we use undergo complete screening and clearance by the National Meat Inspection Service, and are assured to be of high quality and safe from ASF.

Your well-being, along with all the families who enjoy our products every day, will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you for your continued trust and patronage.

What is African Swine Flu?


FAST FACTS: What is African swine fever?

Can African swine fever be transmitted to humans? What is the Philippine government doing to contain the disease? Find out here.

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DA: African swine fever in PH; pork safe

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Monday confirmed the presence of African swine fever in the Philippines but assured the public there was no epidemic and vouched for the safety of pork products in the country.

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Will African swine fever raise pork prices in the Philippines?

MANILA—The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Monday sought to alleviate fears about the impact of African swine fever (ASF) on pork prices in the Philippines, the latest country hit by the disease that has killed millions of pigs overseas.

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African swine fever is now in the Philippines. Should you be alarmed?

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Agriculture on Monday confirmed that African swine fever has caused deaths of pigs in some parts of the Philippines, becoming the latest Asian nation to be affected by the highly contagious viral disease.

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African Swine Fever in the Philippines, Explained

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has just confirmed that African Swine Fever (ASF) has reached the Philippines. In a press conference held earlier today, Agriculture Secretary William Dar disclosed that 14 of the 20 blood samples sent to a United Kingdom laboratory tested positive for ASF. Dar also confirmed that 7,416 hogs have been culled so far.

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MANILA, Philippines — Blocking the distribution and sale of local pork meat products amid heightened fears over the African swine fever could hurt the Philippine economy, the country’s top meat processors warned.

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UPDATE: 09/25/19
No more Christmas hams? Pork producers reluctant amid swine fever scare

Metro Manila — An industry group opposed the move of local government units (LGUs) to impose a ban on the entry of pork products amid cases of African swine fever, saying that jobs and incomes are at stake.
Link: CNN Philippines’ Christmas Hams Production Swine Fever

Fewer Christmas ham seen as PH combats African swine fever

MANILA, Philippines – Consumers may see less processed pork products in grocery stores this holiday season, including the traditional Christmas ham, as the industry cuts back on production amid the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in several areas.

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