Try these Quick and Easy, Beefy Meals with CDO Home-Style Corned Beef!

Corned beef may not be the pambansang almusal ng Pilipinas yet, but it certainly is a staple of a Pinoy’s breakfast table. The mouth-watering beefiness on the pan, the sweet aroma filling the air, and its eye-popping presentation with garnishes such as potatoes, garlic, and onions makes breakfast a delightful family meal!

How do you make this kind of moment even more special? Try these simple, quick & easy ways to enjoy the natural beef goodness of CDO Home-Style Corned Beef!

Classic Corned Beef Breakfast

This simple recipe makes corned beef the breakfast classic it already is. CDO Home-Style Corned Beef is made with high quality beef that is both juicy and with long beefy stands. It also has natural beef flavors you really won’t find anywhere else. While CDO’s home-style brew is really good on its own, adding a few garnishes here and there can make it even more exciting! ! Chop a few onions and garlic, place them onto the pan when the oil is heating up. Cook for 1-2 minutes and enjoy!

As a bonus, you can cook these ingredients with oil or butter for a distinct difference. Oil gives it a smoother texture while butter adds a creamy dimension. The length of cooking the garlic and onions also makes a difference. Cooking it under 5 minutes brings out a punchier, livelier flavor; while cooking it for 5-7 minutes draws out a sweeter taste.

Bonus #1: Chopped potatoes thrown into the mix add a starchy, fuller texture and a cheerful color to the corned beef’s deep red hue.

Bonus #2: Fried rice and egg (sunny side up or scrambled) served with CDO Home-Style Corned Beef can be a filling corned beef silog meal that’s sooo satisfying!

Bonus #3: Go for CDO Home-Style Corned Beef Chili Garlic If you’re looking for a mild spicy kick in your corned beef. It’s guaranteed to make you crave for extra rice!

Corned Beef Omelet

Omelets are great because you can mix almost anything in them: be it leafy vegetables, mushrooms, or even corned beef! Just beat 2-3 eggs lightly and pour on a pan. Let it sit for a minute. Add the filling — corned beef , cheese, mushroom, or bell pepper too! Once the egg, corned beef and other ingredients are cooked , carefully fold omelet in half so it looks like a sandwich. Serve with rice, bread, or mashed potatoes.
Definitely, these hassle-free meals will add good vibes to your usually ordinary grind! As we go through tough times, remember that home is a comfort space where you can create and share meaningful moments with your loved ones. Make these moments even more special with the irresistible natural, beefy sarap of CDO Home-Style Corned Beef!

You can buy CDO Home-Style Corned Beef in leading supermarkets and groceries near you. For easier shopping, you can also purchase them via CDO Home Delivery, Lazada and Shopee.