5 Tips for Making Healthy Eating this Christmas

The holidays are getting near! As the Christmas Rush starts coming in, home cooks and other fellow foodies are ready to plot their menu for the yuletide season. But with the risks of the virus, many are encouraged to eat a healthier meal.

Here are five holiday eating tips you can use to have a merrier, healthier Christmas!


1. Have pre-party holiday snacks


The typical Pinoy Noche Buena is often fit for the main course; you have the CDO Premium Holiday Ham, the stacks of lumpia, a ball of Danes Cheese Queso de Bola, and of course, pansit.

As loaded as this menu may already seem, that leaves us more room to prep for snacks! Show off your creative roots by choosing healthy snacks like nuts, veggie dips, or plant-based appetizers!


2. Make room for fruits & veggies


When DOST-FNRI released the Pinggang Pinoy guide, there’s been a significant emphasis on eating more Glow foods on your plate. The 2020 Menu Guide Calendar also details that these foods can be eaten separately or combined to make one meal.

You can quickly achieve this too by incorporating them as alternatives to your recipes! Our country is blessed with delicious harvests all year round. Let’s take that opportunity and turn it into a nutritious feast by opting for alternatives!


3. Use smaller plates, make smaller portions


A 2006 study made by Stanford University found that people often eat mindlessly until their plate is clean, rather than until they are physically full. This might be because it takes at least 20 minutes before our tummies can register to our brain that we’re already full.

Help you and your guests get out of this common mistake through a common visual trick: make it small! Using smaller plates will result in frequent helpings. Smaller eating portions will give everyone more time to process what they’re eating, just like Danes Cheese with Real Bacon Bits in pillow packs. Either way, it’s a win-win!


4. Encourage fun discussions at the table


CDO products were made with the idea to bring authentic home-style creations to every Filipino table. We understand the beauty of sharing good food with a great conversation, allowing us to focus on the moment.

However, The current coronavirus situation worldwide may make holiday celebrations a bit trickier to pull off. You can set up a video call with your loved ones or invite them for a socially distanced Christmas party instead! 


5. Go easy on the sugar & dairy


If you’re going to cook for your family’s Noche Buena, you have full control over what food gets served at the party. This is an excellent opportunity to control the ingredients that go into your feast.

Sugar & dairy are some of the biggest culprits of weight gain. For some people, it may even cause acne or other health issues. You can opt to reduce a sensible amount when you’re cooking or swap it off entirely with a healthier alternative!