The Typical Pinoy Baon For Kids Back in the day

As much as our parents are striving to give us a range of food, most were still concerned with their jobs. On their busy days, pan-fried food has become our go-to – so we do not complain. Tocino, hotdogs, and bacon are the only forms of baon to ensure that our lunch bags will be consumed.

Here are five lunch baon ideas for school that every Pinoy kid had and still do as a grown up.


Provides the perfect meat flavoring to garlic fried rice, normally combined with eggs and vegetables.


Bacon is a common meat that can be consumed in many ways: as a snack, as a garnish, and as an ulam.


This easy-to-prepare food made from pork meat, chicken or a mixture of both can be enjoyed as a rice topping and as a sandwich (don’t forget to add mayo and ketchup).

Corned beef

Whenever our mothers and yayas prepare corned beef as our baon half the job is done. Since it’s already cooked, all they needed to do was to add onions and potatoes and heat them up.


The tenderness of Tocino and the sweet and salty flavor make it a classic favorite not only as a baon when we were young, but also as a dish in carinderias.

Our parents didn’t have to think about the health of processed meat because CDO Foodsphere Inc. is dedicated to supplying high-quality food. They are proud of their continuous product growth, their high-capacity manufacturing and equipment, and their advanced storage facility.

These are the same safety specifications that today remind us of their consistency given the challenges faced by the African Swine Fever (ASF).

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