The 5 Immune System Boosters You Can Get in Supermarkets

Most people these days have a sedentary lifestyle that makes them prone to harmful diseases. While life expectancy has grown larger over the years, consuming unhealthy food has also become more prevalent in recent years. Having a bad diet causes complications which you could have avoided sooner.

Learn the best way to power up your immune system with these pantry staples.

Fruits, grains & veggies
Indeed, the best way to a strong and healthy body is through a stable source of vitamins and other nutrients. If you want to get less sick, it’s best to invest in a diet that’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables are often brightly colored. There are oranges and bell peppers rich in vitamin c; leafy greens filled with minerals and vitamins; sweet potatoes and carrots for beta-carotene; and lastly, whole grains and beans as good sources of fiber. Spice up your meal plan by adding these items in easy to cook meals and you’ll surely feel better.

Green tea
A drink that works wonders, green tea is known for being a versatile item in the household. Not only can it be used to ease tired eyes and soothe sunburn; it’s also packed with antioxidants your body needs.

Green tea is also not like your usual tea. Compared to the fermented leaves of black tea, the dried leaves of green tea are only steamed at high temperatures. This process helps retain the flavonoids, which improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, to name a few. Drink at least a few cups a day to feel more alert and active.

Chicken soup
It’s comfort food for those feeling under the weather, but there’s more to this go-to meal than you think. Chicken soup is proven to have medicinal properties that can improve your health. Depending on which country, there are also various ways to make chicken soup.

Most recipes will add ingredients unique in their region, but chicken soup is made of chicken broth with pieces of chicken and a variety of vegetables thrown in. Aside from having low fat, studies have shown that this soup also improves the condition of those with upper respiratory tract infections.

Healthy oils
Fats are often seen in a bad light since they are often culprits to heart disease. However, not all fats are bad. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, for example, is actually the contrary.

Monounsaturated fats are usually found in plant-based oils, avocados, peanut butter, and legumes. Polyunsaturated oils, on the other hand, are also present in vegetable oil, but can also be found in other food sources such as fish, tofu and various types of nuts and seeds. These fats lower the risk of heart disease and give your body Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids.

There sure are various strains of bacteria present in our body, but most of them aren’t harmful. Crazy as it seems, these ‘good bacteria’ keep you healthy. Good bacteria is also known as probiotics.

Found in fermented foods, yeast and dairy, these live bacteria help your digestive tract by affecting the nerves that control gut movement. Adding probiotics in your diet will make you less prone to digestive tract problems. In some cases, some people also report experiencing improved skin conditions, less bladder and reproductive issues, and combat allergies and colds.

And there you have it! On your next grocery run, give your shopping list a much-needed update with these immune-boosting upgrades for less.