4 Simple Breakfast Ideas this Pandemic Season

The current pandemic has stopped us from having the luxury of a breakfast meal in our favorite restaurants. That’s why it’s no surprise that we’ve been craving our favorite meals ever since this COVID-19 crisis hit us. On the bright side, it did give us more precious bonding moments with our family. And what better way to spend time with them than preparing food? Fret not, having an amazing breakfast shouldn’t be a problem during this Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Check out some of our tipid breakfast ideas for Pinoy that you can easily buy and cook this pandemic:


The corned beef omelet is one of the famous viands for Filipinos. This is an easy-to-cook ulam that your family can savor, especially if it is Highlands Gold Corned Beef! Using just six simple ingredients (corned beef, eggs, onion, garlic, cooking oil, and salt), you can have a power breakfast to serve to your family!


We consider this as one of the quickest and easiest anyone can prepare mainly if you’re rushing in the morning. Tomato, onion and eggs are the basic ingredients of this delectable ulam your family can enjoy eating! It is also interesting because you can add more vegetables if you wish too. You can also add some seasoning like pepper to be tastier. You can now have a flavourful ready-to-serve ulam on your family table!


There’s nothing like the smell of delicious tapa, sinangag and itlog. Our moms never disappoint in making our tummies grumble when cooking this meal in the morning! But, cooking this meal requires several steps to have an appetizing dish with its simple ingredients: marinated beef sirloin, eggs, cooking oil, leftover rice, salt, and garlic. But wait, if you don’t have ready available marinated beef sirloin, CDO Beef tapa is the best to have! Surely, you will be satisfied with this easy-to-prepare meal.


This is a common breakfast every Filipino can have this pandemic, especially those who are on a tight budget. Hotdogs, garlic fried rice, and fried egg with a condiment of banana ketchup make up this easy dish. If you wish to have a tastier and juicy hotdog for your hotsilog, CDO’s Bibbo! Hotdog is best recommended! Certainly, you can still relish this simple meal with the appetizing sinangag your mom prepared with love and passion.

These are just some dishes you can prepare during this ECQ. There are more easy-to-cook breakfast meals you can serve for your family. It doesn’t matter if these dishes are simple and not as extravagant. What matters most is the love and compassion present in each meal prepared. This same love and compassion are what will unite our families during this health crisis, so we should bring that in everything we do and in all the meals we cook.