Entering the Lenten Season with San Marino

As the Lenten season has officially begun, many may also be preparing to adjust their eating habits to observe the practice of abstinence from luxury food items that they would normally consume on a regular basis, like red meat.

While these practices mean to instill simplicity, it can also start a hearty journey.

Want to know how you can explore hearty eating during Lent? Read our tips below!

#1: Start slow and steady.

Red meat is usually the first thing avoided on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of Lent. You can also include sweets and other treats if it’s something you want to give up. However, that transition doesn’t come easy when you’ve eaten them all your life. Make this Lenten practice a daily habit by easing small adjustments, like swapping red meats for San Marino Corned Tuna.

#2: If it’s on sight, it’s on your mind.

Surrounding yourself with hearty foods more often can keep you from eating junk. Ditch the noodles & sweets for frozen veggies or San Marino Tuna Fillet in Spanish Style. This method combines flavors made from bay leaves, pickles, olives, peppercorns and chili peppers to create a savory medley of umami in your mouth. If you want to take it up a notch, follow healthy food pages on social media to reinforce the idea.

#3: Swap your originals for alternatives.

We now live in a world where there are tons of alternatives available to make your meals more nutritious. For example, the San Marino Blue Mackerel Steak Spanish Style offers a healthy option for those craving a juicy steak. There’s also the San Marino Flavored Corned Tuna line with an afritada, caldereta, and adobo version for those who crave Filipino dishes.

#4: Pack hearty snacks on the go.

It’s tempting to jump back into your old eating habits when you’re not at home. With the cabin frenzy brought by the pandemic, most people may cheat their eating habits on a trip or hike. One quick tip for fighting these cravings is by having healthy snacks like San Marino Tuna Paella! Just pack a reusable spoon and buy one at the store; it’s that easy!

#5: Keep a food diary.

Some would like to see their achievements visualized in some way as motivation. If you enjoy documenting your life, you can curate a food diary to showcase all the food you’ve been eating since February! Not only does this help you stick with your habit, but it also serves as a passion project!

In the end, the Lenten Season helps us appreciate life more and even lets us set aside some personal time to see if we are making sure we keep ourselves healthy and our wellness in check.