Christmas Food Budget Tips for Practical Spending

For Filipinos, Christmastime is one of the most-awaited holidays of the year. We love it so much that we start preparing for the occasion as early as September!

However, things took a turn for 2020: the current pandemic took a massive toll on everyone that our usual celebration may need a few tweaks to get by.

If you’re getting ready for your Noche Buena feast, here are five tipid tips to budget your spending!

#1: Keep it simple but flavorful.

A typical Filipino Noche Buena tends to include everything from appetizers to the main course, fruits to dessert, and the like. While a holiday spread looks fabulous, you won’t be getting your money’s worth if you’ll only be feeding a select few. Cut down your viands to three or four tasty dishes, depending on your housemates’ appetites.

#2: Avoid last-minute shopping.

It is a common tactic for supermarkets to raise prices as the holidays come close. Get the most out of your spending by planning your way before you shop! Start your journey by buying non-perishables first so you can save on expenses. You may also book certain items in advance so that you’ll only have to pick them up once they’re ready.

#3: Use bulk items in multiple recipes.

If you got some of your groceries for a bargain, make sure you put them to good use! The Internet offers tons of recipes that you can easily follow. Some of them may veer away from the original, but it doesn’t make it any less tasty.

#4: Choose less popular brands

Some customers may be loyal to their brands. However, how these products will be put to use may matter if it’s actually worth buying. If you think some of the ingredients in your recipe will just get diluted into the cooking, it’s worth looking into buying less popular brands. They are usually much cheaper, and at times, offer larger servings!

#5: Buy homemade Noche Buena products

The pandemic was the year when most Filipinos brought out their inner entrepreneur. Everyone was selling their homemade goods online to make up for the losses. Help out a friend and bring something new to the table by tapping small businesses for some of your Noche Buena dishes!

Our Paskong Pinoy may be different this year, but the essence will always stay true in our hearts.

That’s why here at CDO, we are with you in celebrating Christmas even in light of the quarantine—that is, through affordable yet delightful home-style creations for every Filipino.

Stay safe and order from the comfort of your home. Order through our official online stores at Lazada and Shopee for a taste of home.