Beefy Sarap Goodness with CDO Beef Tapa

The pandemic has radicalized the way we eat. New trends have popped up, and now we’ve reached a unique dining experience like no other.

Nevertheless, timeless classics like Beef Tapa will always be here to stay. Learn why our product’s beefy goodness remains a crowd favorite below.

Rich in flavor and history

Beef tapa is a sweet yet tangy dish made of thinly sliced sirloin. Beef is its most common meat of choice, but some variations use carabao, horse, or wild boar meat. It is usually marinated overnight in soy sauce, calamansi juice, sugar, and minced garlic. Once the meat is ready, tapa can be grilled or fried on the stovetop.

Beef tapa’s origins is a tale as old as time. The term is derived from the Proto-Austronesian verb capa, which means to preserve meat through smoking. It is also why we refer to smoked fish as tinapa. When the Spaniards arrived, it became the standard term for referring to cured or preserved meats.

Due to cultural influences, the beef tapa we know has gone through a drastic change. Beef tapa’s original side dishes were usually freshly sliced tomatoes or atchara. But these days, it is prepared tapsilog style; pioneered by Vivian del Rosario in the eighties, the term is a portmanteau of the words tapa, sinangag, and itlog.

New look, same taste

CDO Foodsphere has always been the go-to brand of many Filipino households. Whether it’s for almusal or hapunan, the brand makes it possible to have convenient access to delicious, home-style creations.

Even in these unprecedented times, CDO continues to offer ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products. The brand had recently launched its own Lazada and Shopee stores, all while improving its operations through resellers and CDO Food Stores.

CDO has preserved its identity on the Filipino palate for years, from its signature taste to its distinct yellow and red hues. The brand even managed to step it up even further by modernizing its packaging design towards the New Normal.

Beefy sarap, now made more special

CDO Beef Tapa, along with other Native Favorite products, can now be availed in its newest look. The latest packaging features a refreshing take on CDO’s timeless logo, coupled with a stylishly easy-to-read font that you can quickly distinguish in the freezer.

Trends ultimately come and go, but the opportunity for a new classic is just around the corner. Celebrate these moments with something you love, just like CDO Beef Tapa.

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