6 Appetizing Snacks You Can Prepare While Under Home Quarantine

Filipinos are known to be heavy-eaters. Breakfast or agahan, lunch, and dinner are all typically heavy meals that are always accompanied by rice. Still, these are not enough to suffice our appetite. We like to have what we call panghimagas or dessert after every meal. We also serve several snacks or merienda during the day to satisfy our desire for food. Certainly, our food appetite increased more especially that we are at home 24/7, and we couldn’t avoid thinking of eating throughout the day! So, here are some of the desserts and snacks you might consider to prepare while under home quarantine:

Your favourite Puto is best paired with dinuguan.

This is one of the snacks we often buy during office breaks because of its affordability. Despite being cheap at price, it’s tasteful. Puto is made of sweet steamed powdered rice cake or malagkit that is perfectly blended with the savory dish like pork blood stew or dinuguan. For some, they use flour as a replacement for the malagkit. This spongy cupcake-like snack comes in a variety of flavors: ube, pandan, and cheese. For your puto to be tastier, you can add Danes Cheese Block as your puto topping. Undoubtedly this will fill in your hungry stomach while relaxing at home!

Sweet kutsinta with grated coconut.

Oh well, this dessert use rice, mainly malagkit, and lye water as ingredients. See, Filipinos are really rice lovers!  Kutsinta is sticky and chewy as a result of the lye water mixed with the kakanin. Top this with grated coconut for adds extra taste when you munch.

Biko as your mid-afternoon snack.

This snack also use the Filipino sticky rice or malagkit. Biko goes best with coconut milk, and brown sugar when cooked. People also serve this at fiestas, birthdays, and reunions. The delish rice cake is traditionally placed over banana leaves in a round woven bamboo tray or bilao topped with latik. The latik is a cooked coconut milk residue after extraction. Some love to eat this over a cup of coffee which is ideal while working at home.

Turon with langka is the best.

We have fond memories with turon back in our childhood days! Our school canteen commonly serves this treat.  Some also sell these on sidewalks more often. This is very easy, simple, and perfect to prepare while under home quarantine. All you need to do is wrap thin slices of banana, mainly saba, in spring roll paper and roll in brown sugar. But wait, this is more delicious when you add langka. The taste of langka best compliments the palatability of the banana!

Banana Cue coated with caramelized sugar.

If you are into sweets, this can be a substitute to chocolates as the banana is covered with caramelized brown sugar syrup deep-fried in hot oil. Banana cue is simpler to cook than turon and yes, it is perfect to cook during this pandemic to suffice your cravings for sweets. This is a common midday snack that you can enjoy eating while chatting with your family at home.

Halo-halo is perfect in this hot weather.

Halo-halo classic Filpino dessert is a perfect refresher while cooling down at home in this summer season!

This ultimate and icy treat put sweet beans, boiled kamote, slices of banana, jackfruit, mango, ube and other more fruits over shaved ice. You can also add gelatin, pearl, leche flan and sweet preserves like CDO Nata De Coco and CDO Kaong to make it more special.

You don’t need those extravagant snacks to satisfy cravings! Save the cakes, donuts, cupcakes, pizzas, etc. after this Enhanced Community Quarantine and prepare the above snacks while feeling the pleasure of being at home!