5 Things You Can Do to Fight COVID 19

It came as a shock when in just a span of months, COVID-19, a newly discovered disease infected hundreds and thousands around the world. Various efforts continuously push to help flatten the curve and lower the number of fatalities.

Want to do your part? Take a look at our nifty list on how you can fight the virus in five ways.

1.) Avoid touching your face
The face has mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and mouth which can serve as entry points for germs to enter the body.

Our hands often touch many things and are not always properly disinfected, so best to keep them away whenever you can.

2.) Report fake news
News outlets and government units strive to give updates whenever possible. However, there are also fake news and rumors present across social media that misleads people into doing things that can bring them harm than good.

Curb down misinformation by reporting false info on social platforms.

3.) Sanitize and disinfect regularly
The virus primarily spreads through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It’s important not to spread it any further with the right measures.

Make sure to disinfect your homes frequently, wash your clothes more often and clean your hands thoroughly at all times.

4.) Practice social distancing at all times
While some patients transmit through coughs and sneezes, asymptomatic patients who don’t feel the usual symptoms can quickly spread the disease with a touch. Most countries have already ordered a lockdown which left many people at home and discouraged from going outside.

If you’re off to shop breakfast ideas at the supermarket, try to maintain at least 1-3 feet away from people.

5.) Donate to the people
If you have spare money to give, you can participate in fundraising activities for those in need. These donations are used to fund the needs of front-liners such as PPE suits or essential goods for those who come from more impoverished areas.

With just a few bucks, you have already made this world a better place.

As the battle continues, everyone must stay calm and alert in these trying times. Stay updated on the latest news and practice these habits as much as you can.