5 Food Hacks for Picky Eaters

Food is more than just fuel for the body. For some people, it can also be a great time to pamper yourself in small ways. However, being exposed to unhealthy food regularly will lead to health consequences over time.

Our kids are getting more and more used to these every day. Letting them keep a lousy diet leads to picky eating habits over time, as it is hard for them to try something else.

If you want to teach better eating habits to your child, use our five food hacks below.

Hack #1: Blend it away

Sometimes, being subtle is the key. Hack your way to your little one’s diet by blending veggies into the mix; most vegetables are high in nutrients yet barely have any flavor that once you’ve mashed them to bits, it’s good as gone to the palate!

Hack #2: Work on your plating

There’s nothing more inviting than a pretty plate. Take your time to carve out fruits and veggies ala bento mode to keep things interesting for the kids! Better yet, shape foods into characters or fun, colorful pieces that will make them eat it all.

Hack #3: Let them help out

People appreciate things better when they take part in it. The same goes for your kids! Promote the same ideal by letting them help you out in the kitchen. You can assign small tasks and teach them how their favorite meal is made (with veggies, of course). Now isn’t that wonderful?

Hack #4: Recreate their favorites

A little creativity goes a long way. Your kids won’t give it up so quickly, and neither will you! Release your inner chef and use alternative ingredients in creating their favorite meals. With the rise of home cooks online, you’ll have plenty of sources on how to trick their taste buds.

Hack #5: Keep serving them

Out with the old, in with the new. The key to helping your kids eat more nutritious food is through consistency. Start treating this shift as a food journey for the whole family. Your kids will eventually think that it’s not so bad if everyone’s eating the same thing.

That’s it! Minding your health starts with what you eat. There is no better gift to give than letting your kids know the value of a good diet, so prep them while they are young and keep going. Better yet, make CDO your partner when it comes to nourishingly good food.