5 Diskarte Tips for Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries can either be stressful or regretful. You might have experienced buying something you don’t even need or buying from a stall that didn’t give good prices. Perhaps, you’re not yet used to shopping for yourself at all.

Being a smart shopper comes with having sound systems in place. Learn how you can hone your diskarte in the market by using these quick tips!

Buy your goods at the palengke.

The palengke is our original marketplace. Despite its shabby looks, this is where you can get everything you will need to cook.

Wet markets open way earlier than your usual supermarkets. They also offer significantly cheaper rates and quality fresh items because they have direct contact with suppliers. You can easily tap into your diskarte skills by shopping here for fresh produce. Some vendors also resell

Popular CDO products like Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino right up your alley so you don’t have to go all the way to the mall. Best of all, you also get to help our local vendors thrive and recover in this economy!

Use local counterparts for foreign ingredients.

Whether you’re new to cooking or a talented home chef, you might have come across a recipe that requires foreign ingredients.

If you were to follow those recipes, you might have to shell out more money than you’re supposed to. Some of those items might also be harder to find. In times like this, the Internet is your best friend. Research on local alternatives you can use instead. For example, you can use Highlands Gold Corned Beef instead of scouting the meat section for 100% Pure Angus Beef That way you’re not just using a quick hack for your cooking, you’re also supporting our local farmers!

Time your grocery shopping with online sales.

Online marketplaces are well-known for holding sales every month, so why not take that advantage?

You can save extra cash by shopping for your non-perishables during promotions! You’ll have fewer reasons to go out, and you get more time to decide which items are truly worth buying. If you’re looking to score deals on San Marino Gourmet Cream Dory, simply add the item to your wishlist. You can also follow CDO’s official store at LazMall to get exclusive updates on promos!

Create a budget and stick to it.

Many people have tried drafting a budget only to fall off eventually at some point.

It’s always better to think ahead when you’re looking to save up. When you’re creating a budget, try to review your expenses from previous months. You can also identify how much unnecessary purchases you made during those times. In the process, you will get a clear-cut view of what a realistic budget looks like. You can also opt for more economically friendly products like CDO Classic Meat Loaf on your grocery list.

Stick with supermarkets that you’re familiar with.

All supermarkets change their setups and run various strategies as part of their marketing efforts. Some would do partnerships with other brands to highlight their products by placing them on eye-catching areas.

If you have must-have items on your grocery list (like CDO Crispy Ulam Burger), you should choose the one you are most familiar with. Some supermarkets can supply a diverse range of products regularly, while other groceries have significantly lower price points. You can also chat with grocery personnel on delivery days so you can estimate the best days to shop.

And that’s it! Put your plans into motion and give your diskarte skills a headstart today with these tips and tricks. After all, nurturing the habit of intentional spending is a form of self-care. By paying attention to what you should buy, you give way to spending on something better.