4 Helpful Tips for Creating a Pinoy Meal Plan

Keeping a balanced diet in your daily routine makes the body healthier and the mind more alert. However, the hustle and bustle of city life can make healthy eating a bigger challenge. This is why most people fall back to their usual cravings.

If you’re always on a tight schedule, you might want to start creating a meal plan. Meal plans are designed to be cooked in big batches during your free time so you can grab your meal and go on a regular day.

Meal plans usually revolve on a particular diet or cuisine. Luckily, Filipino food utilizes all major food groups. If you’re looking into making one for yourself or the family, you can craft a Pinoy-inspired meal plan with these four easy tips!

Keep it light and easy on the tummy.

When you’re drawing out your meal plan, it shouldn’t feel like a feast. Start by planning your meals around light yet filling proteins. For this, silog meals are the perfect dish to start with because it can accommodate any meat as long as it’s paired with fried rice and eggs.

Protein-dense meats such as San Marino Premium Mackerel or CDO Premium Uncured Bacon can quickly get you through the rest of the day without feeling too full.

Marinate, marinate, marinate!

If you’re looking for more flavourful bites for lunch, marinated meat might be the right fit for you. Traditionally marinated Filipino dishes such as Tapa usually take overnight to soak up the flavor, but you can go to the supermarkets for ready-to-cook versions.

CDO Young Pork Tocino FATLESS is easy to work with because it’s made with tender pork cuts that deeply preserve balanced flavors while sitting in the fridge.

Stir-fry is the key.

If you’re the type who can’t eat their veggies, you can mix them in stir frys to create something extraordinary. The umami-filled juices that ooze out of the meat will be absorbed by the almost flavorless vegetables, making mealtime an equally satisfying and nurturing experience.

Make the savory choice with Highlands Corned Beef and CDO Chinese Style Luncheon Meat. These two are handy protein sources that you can add to pancit and other stir fry dishes.

Go for one-pot recipes.

You’ll surely have more time from everything else with one-pot recipes. With this approach, you’ll only need one cookware to saute, simmer, and cook your dish. It’s great because Filipino food rarely requires two more pots, like Dinengdeng or Ginisang Munggo.

Why not go with San Marino Premium Spanish Sardines as well for a heap of Omega 3-benefits?

Ready to make your meal plan? When it comes to ready to cook meats, choose CDO as your kitchen partner. We’ve been bringing foods to your home since 1975 with delicious food creations for a taste of home anytime, anywhere.