3 Keys to a CRISPY TWIST to your Kid’s Merienda

Nothing beats a juicy, crispy burger. It’s the perfect food for anyone, kids and adults included.

However, not all burgers are made equal. The way you order and prep things will set the tone on how delicious your burger will be.

Want to know what makes a crispy and tasty burger that your children will love? Keep reading below to learn our tips!

#1: Use a patty with a CRISPY TWIST that kids will surely love

The CDO Crispy Burger has long changed the game with its deliciously crispy breaded patties. Known by its distinct golden brown color, each piece will remind you of that distinct crispy and beefy goodness between a katsu and a beef patty.

Spice up your burgers and sliders by pan-frying a batch of CDO Crispy Burger patties. Make sure to keep the temperature at medium heat for three to four minutes on each side. That way, it won’t come out burnt or soggy.

#2: Choose a simple, soft bun

The bun is the vessel for the crispy burger (as well as other toppings). Its quality can largely influence how enjoyable your burger will be. An excellent burger bun must have a good bun-to-meat ratio and other features that complement the whole thing.

Some people do have preferences when it comes to the kind of bun they want. Still, the safest type of bread you can go for can be a rich potato roll or those squishy seeded hamburger buns. It gives you just the right amount of fluff without dominating each bite.

#3: Pick a sauce to go with

Nothing beats an irresistibly crispy burger without its secret sauce. There are lots of sauces available in the market, and you can even make one yourself—as long as it ties everything together.

Just a dollop of those creamy, tangy, & smoky flavors will change the experience without overpowering the meat. A good crispy burger sauce should be thick enough to hold everything in place. Having a runny consistency will make everything slimy, making the food less pleasant to eat.

You can also spruce up your burger by adding crispy lettuce leaves or juicy tomato slices for a more exciting experience.

Satisfy your guilty pleasures today by making this Crispy Burger Bun right at home!

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