About the Product:

CDO Ulam Burger is a yummy beef burger that comes at an affordable price. Made from high-grade beef, blended with the finest spices, and packed in special dishes to ensure freshness, these patties easily translate to a complete burger satisfaction. Served in a bun or with rice, consumers will surely enjoy a superb meal with CDO Ulam Burger. Moreover, with its affordability, CDO Ulam Burger perfectly fits the menu of entrepreneurs and foodservices.

Sizes & Variants:

  • Regular
    • 228g
    • 3.04kg
    • 2.97kg
  • Mini
    • 225g
    • 3.0kg
  • Can-Afford
    • Regular
      • 912g
    • Big
      • 900g
  • Cheese Burger
    • 225g
  • Nutri Burger
    • 225g

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